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A Post about Future Posts

Admittedly, I have a problem keeping consistent in my postings…I promise myself I will post at least once a week, make a plan, begin to execute, and then…life.

As a ghostwriter/ freelance writer, lately all I have been doing is writing! Writing until my hands get sore (which inspired me to get an ergonomic keyboard, which I highly recommend!). Writing until no more words come. And then…my blog becomes something that is always on the backburner.

So, here is me putting a promise out into the void of cyberspace, which will hopefully shame-inspire me (if you know what I mean) if I slip into not posting again!

I am doing this blog mostly as a project for myself, to force me to be vulnerable and put my writing out there, to practice using my voice and discussing my passions. But, like most things I do for myself (read for fun, paint, meet up with friends), it gets buried when things get busy!

So I am telling myself, “Self, you will post once a week, by Saturday, no matter what! Put down your work and do it. There will always be more work to do…carpe diem! Walk on the “wild side” and push your project up to its deadline if you have to. Or else…the burying will continue.”

I will be posting this week about George MacDonald’s The Light Princess, which I finished re-reading days ago. It is a delightful and fascinating fairytale! I hope you will enjoy 🙂


Published by melissamyounger

I always dreamed of being a writer, but never thought I could make money doing it. So, after earning a BA in English and honing my reading, analytical, and writing skills, I settled for a more "stable" career in ministry (joking, of course!), bringing my love for the written word to my Biblical studies as I learned Greek and Hebrew, Exegesis and Theology while getting an MA in Theological Studies. I've worked in various ministry capacities in the church: children's minister, ministry staff (aka, "whatever needs doing"), ESL teacher, youth intern, and others. Though this blog is mostly about classic literature, I will probably throw in some thoughts on writing, occasional theological musings, or my reflections on emotional health, psychology, philosophy, or cultural topics. I am a thinker and a lover of many things! I am currently pursuing publishing my first children's novel while doing freelance writing (my profile here: I like to paint (and may share some of them here someday!), enjoy the outdoors, learning, reading, and growing. I also love learning about other people and helping them to realize their gifts and potential.

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