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Free Fantasy Books for Christmas

Looking for a fun fantasy adventure to share with your children this Christmas? Both The Land in the Woods and The Forgotten Scroll in my middle grade series Adventures in Eridu are free on Amazon from December 20th-24th. Merry Christmas! Join the 3 Wells children as they find a magical land, escape the powers ofContinue reading “Free Fantasy Books for Christmas”

The Good and Bad of Being Highly Intuitive

We all have different facets and quirks in our personalities. I always enjoy discovering these in others as I get to know them. One of my strongest traits is that I am highly intuitive. I know they say women tend to be that way more than men, but it’s also part of my personality. AsContinue reading “The Good and Bad of Being Highly Intuitive”

Procrastination Can Be Useful…

In college I discovered the key to motivate me to get my work done: procrastinating working on my papers by writing stories. The rules were simple: when my brain would freeze up or get bored working on the paper, I would open another document and free write without any kind of plan. I just letContinue reading “Procrastination Can Be Useful…”

Why I Love and Hate Wuthering Heights

Have you ever read a book with characters, a world, and a plot so captivating you can’t stop thinking about it? For me, Wuthering Heights was one of those books. The complexity of the characters and the drama paired with the description of the scenery created such pictures and prompted such curiosity I had toContinue reading “Why I Love and Hate Wuthering Heights”

I’m Back…I Hope😊

My baby still has sleep issues. I am still exhausted. But, I thought maybe I can start blogging more informally from my phone, and catch up on reading other people’s blogs, too. We are also moved into our new place now so things feel a bit less chaotic. There is still a lot to unpackContinue reading “I’m Back…I Hope😊”

$0.99 or Free (Kindle version) of my books

Today and for the next 5 days: Book II in Adventures in Eridu, The Forgotten Scroll is only $0.99 for the Kindle version (or free if you have Kindle unlimited). If you haven’t read Book I, The Land in the Woods, yet, it is $0.99 as well. I would love your support and a reviewContinue reading “$0.99 or Free (Kindle version) of my books”

Holding My Goals Loosely in 2022

Last Year, I had so many goals and plans. Among them was that we would start trying for a child. We were blessed with a healthy pregnancy earlier than I thought, and it definitely made me rearrange all of my priorities. First, I had to learn a lot and had many questions: What can IContinue reading “Holding My Goals Loosely in 2022”

My Lack of Blogging Activity…

There’s a reason I’ve been less active the past six months on WordPress… I’m pregnant! I’m due March 8th with a precious baby boy. With pregnancy, baby prep, publishing my second book and starting my Author Youtube channel, blogging (both writing and reading blogs) definitely took a back seat. I went from meeting my weeklyContinue reading “My Lack of Blogging Activity…”