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Why I Love and Hate Wuthering Heights

Have you ever read a book with characters, a world, and a plot so captivating you can’t stop thinking about it? For me, Wuthering Heights was one of those books. The complexity of the characters and the drama paired with the description of the scenery created such pictures and prompted such curiosity I had toContinue reading “Why I Love and Hate Wuthering Heights”

$0.99 or Free (Kindle version) of my books

Today and for the next 5 days: Book II in Adventures in Eridu, The Forgotten Scroll is only $0.99 for the Kindle version (or free if you have Kindle unlimited). If you haven’t read Book I, The Land in the Woods, yet, it is $0.99 as well. I would love your support and a reviewContinue reading “$0.99 or Free (Kindle version) of my books”

Merry Christmas- Free Ebook!

Merry Christmas! From December 25th-29th, The Land in the Woods, a middle-grade (ages 9-12) fantasy adventure novel is FREE in ebook form on Amazon. Share this with someone of that age who might enjoy reading it over Christmas break! Please check it out and leave a review if you end up reading it. This isContinue reading “Merry Christmas- Free Ebook!”

The Forgotten Scroll

Today is the official release date of the sequel to my first book, The Land in the Woods! (…/B096…/ref=dp-kindle-redirect…) The Sequel is called The Forgotten Scroll. ( They are fun fantasy adventure stories with Christian themes. Here is the description: When Maurie, Janine, and Bobby Wells return to the mythical land of Eridu, they areContinue reading “The Forgotten Scroll”

The Cursed Ruins Excerpt

During Nanowrimo, I’ve been working on the third book in my adventures in Eridu series. Here’s a chapter I’ve written this past week and a video update on my writing progress at the end! If you haven’t seen the first book in the series, The Land in the Woods, you should check it out onContinue reading “The Cursed Ruins Excerpt”

The Princess and the Goblin

Ever since I heard this story as a little girl, I was captivated. George MacDonald has a way of telling fairytales/ fantasy stories in a way that connects with a very human experience. The young princess in the story is a curious and naive sort, which drives her to meet and trust many different characters,Continue reading “The Princess and the Goblin”

Nanowrimo Week 1

So far, I’ve written over 5,000 of the 30,000 words I am shooting for during Nanowrimo on my WIP, The Cursed Ruins. It’s the third book in my children’s fantasy adventure series, and the second is being edited so that I can publish it in December! Here’s a chapter I wrote this week: Chapter 2Continue reading “Nanowrimo Week 1”

Self or Traditional Publishing?

If you’re writing or have finished writing a book, you might be considering whether the self or traditional publishing route is best for you.
Below, I weight the pros and cons of each publishing route.

A Long Walk to Water

We often take resources such as water for granted, but this story shows the struggle of different tribes in Sudan to get clean water. In Linda Sue Parks’ A Long Walk to Water, she follows two stories in two different time periods in Sudan. The First Story: A Boy, Running for His Life The mainContinue reading “A Long Walk to Water”

A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“There’s the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it.” A Study in Scarlet. So begins the first case for Holmes and Watson. This book was so much fun to read! I never thought I wasContinue reading “A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle”