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Annals of A Quiet Neighborhood

Annals of A Quiet Neighborhood seems like it is the closest to autobiography as anything of MacDonald’s I’ve read. As you get into the story, you discover that many of these characters have dramatic and scandalous backstories, but all of them are in need of one thing: redemption.

One Year of Classic Reads

This is my 47th post, one day after my 1 year anniversary of starting this blog. My original goal was one post per week, which would be 52 in a year. My posts were much more sporadic at first, and I was also figuring out how to start my own business this year, so I’llContinue reading “One Year of Classic Reads”

John Locke and the Declaration of Independence

When Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence, he was influenced by several great thinkers who had come before him, one being John Locke. John Locke was a political philosopher in the late 1600s who wrote Two Treatises of Government, among other works. I wanted to share a quote from the second treatise, along withContinue reading “John Locke and the Declaration of Independence”

Living in Denial of Perfectionism

“I’m not a perfectionist.” “I’m easy-going.” “It’s good enough!” I’ve said these things SO MANY times! And yet, I think when I say them I am speaking to a part of myself that is so incredibly unsatisfied with the work I produce, no matter how good it is. As a writer, I have had toContinue reading “Living in Denial of Perfectionism”

The Dark Side of Light in MacDonald’s The Light Princess

Replete with metaphor and symbolism, word-play and charming innocence, George MacDonald’s The Light Princess is always a treat to re-read. My favorite types of books to read are ones with layers of meaning, which still retain their aesthetic appeal. As I re-read this classic children’s fantasy, I admired the depth and imagination MacDonald brought toContinue reading “The Dark Side of Light in MacDonald’s The Light Princess”